Roxie’s Where every day is Fry Day!

Friday, September 3, 2010 @ 02:09 PM

Yesterday I finally got to try out Roxie’s on RT 4A in Vermont. In it’s present location, it is a well established eatery of hot dogs, ice cream & fine fried foods.

My memory¬† of this eatery has been only from the past few years. A trailer with a propane deep fryer that came to a certain location on the weekends, but would pack up and be gone during the week. Over time, the company grew. The mobile traveling hot dog & french fry trailer has now become more of a main stay & another smaller trailer has been purchased to take to fairs and events. The permanent loation now also has a playground & picnic tables set up for it’s patrons. I thought that this small business, started out just recently & has been slowly building itself up. It turns out that the business was started over 50 years ago, but was in a different, permanent location. They used to have a stand at what was at the time, a public beach. They were technically, beach tailgaters. Some people brought their own food and some people purchased food to eat on their beach blankets & tailgates. Over time, the beach has become not so public. Many of the beaches features, food stand & amusements, have been lost over time. So, goes Roxie’s.

As I said, they now have a more permanent location again, but still travel to local fairs and events. You can still get hot dogs, a pint or quart of French fries, and ice cream. They also deep fry up lots of other goodies; onion rings, wings, chicken fingers, and seafood too. If you should happen to be in the Lake Bomoseen area of Vermont, you must stop in & check out Roxie’s, where every day is Fry Day!

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    I recommended it on digg. The only thing that it’s missing is a bit of speed, the pictures are appearing slowly. Nevertheless thank you for this blog.

  2. wigelnyatt says:

    Yes…we are on My Space

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