Demonstrating a Cajun Fryer

Saturday, August 28, 2010 @ 07:08 AM

Today I will be demonstrating a Cajun Fryer at a local butcher. I attend a car cruise there once a week where they have a BBQ grill set up and they cook for all the car people. They found out about my outdoor propane deep fryer, so they asked me to come & demonstrate for them & for their regular customers.

I am not a big public speaker so I hope I can handle this. But it should be able to handle cooking for about 100 people over a 3 hour period.

When frying for larger crowds, a key thing to remember is allergies. Peanut oil is great to use in your deep fryer due to high smoke point. Many people are allergic to peanuts. So, unless you are frying for just your family, who you know are not allergic, use regular vegetable oil, like soybean oil. You should be safe with soybean, good smoke point, low on the allergy end of the scale.

Well folks. Wish me luck. Let’s hope I can look somewhat professional & not like a blithering idiot.

I just need to make sure my gear is stowed and packed properly, as any good tailgater should know. Off we go…and don’t be a cry baby…be a fry baby!!!!

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