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Friday, August 26, 2011 @ 09:08 AM

As Irene approaches the North Carolina coast, I have to revisit the importance of emergency preparedness. I happen to be in the very coastal region of eastern North Carolina. We are as prepared as we think we can be at this point, but one never knows.

The regions of eastern Pennsylvania and Long Island are in the path of Irene as well. They have been totally saturated with rain recently. That means that if Irene is still packing a significant punch when it arrives, trees are going to fall. That will mean lots of power outages.

I know that the folks on Long Island are scrambling for D cell batteries right now. No one seems to be able to find them. Now if you already had an emergency preparedness kit, odds are you won’t be out searching for batteries and will be focusing on more important things like having a full gas tank, etc. If you have an emergency kit, make sure everything is up to snuff. Revamping your kit say every 6 months or every time you change batteries in your smoke detectors is a great idea. That way you are always sure to have working batteries for the flash light or lanterns that you have in the kit.

Get yourself some good outdoor cooking equipment if you have none. Like a Volcano Collapsible Grill, Brinkmann grill, or other outdoor propane or charcoal grill. That way if you loose power for a few days you will still be able to feed your family.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011 @ 04:08 PM

R & V Works has a new portable, propane BBQ smoker. The Cajun Express Smoker. It is the fastest smoker in the Bayou!! The patented sealed pressure / vacuum chamber revolutionizes smoking times to super sonic levels.

Smoked baby back ribs in will be cooked to perfection in 35 to 40 minutes. Easily a 3 hour job in conventional smokers.

Whole briskets in 2 hours, a 4 to 5 hours job elsewhere.
Imagine coming home from work and having a beautifully whole smoked chicken in 30 minutes!
The cooking process that is so unique it was awarded a 20 year patent.
Since man and fire met, man has searched for new ways to cook meat. As early as 1600 B.C., man has smoked meat. This was done out of necessity; first to preserve meat for the long cold winters. Second , meat was smoked to tenderize tougher, less choice cuts of meat.
Today we also smoke to tenderize, as well as to flavor meat. Low and slow, the traditional way to smoke. People smoke with a large variety of wood types, charcoal, corn cobs,etc. There are many designs of smokers out there too.  Traditional wood or charcoal, propane smokers, even electric smokers as well as traditional to very elaborate smoker pits. Smoker pits are built in the ground or above ground. These pits are designed to retain heat. Some are so fancy they feature timers, wood feeding bins, and automatic temperature control.

Over time, even with so many innovations, the time it takes to smoke meat hasn’t really changed……..Until now!
The patented hydration regulator and food grade, high temperature door seal help aid with the high pressure vacuum chamber that  smokes meats at super sonic speeds while still giving you perfectly tasty and tender meats.
Cook a 5lb. pork loin in an hour.
Smoke a 15 lb. turkey, that would normally take 5 hours in an oven or 15 hours to conventionally smoke, in 1 hour.
Do a 10 lb. pork shoulder in 4 hours. Pulled pork in no time flat!
I know to traditional pit masters this is sacrilege. But for those of us that love smoked foods and are short on time due to jobs, kids, sports, scouts, etc, this is an awesome find.
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Friday, August 5, 2011 @ 10:08 AM

Some of us think about turkey fryers all the time. For those of us that don’t, it is that time of year again.

School is about to start up again. That means football season. Tailgating is about to go into warp drive. If you don’t have a turkey fryer with your tailgating equipment, now is a great time to add one!

Turkey fryers are a very versatile and mobile piece of outdoor cooking equipment. They don’t just deep fry. You can boil, steam, and stew with them too. That first real cold weather game, you can make steaming hot bowls of chili. Steam up some corn on the cob while the steaks grill. These outdoor cookers run on LP gas, so they are as portable as any grill. And, yes, they do deep fry. While you are grilling up assorted meat products for your tailgating crew, you can deep fry french fries or onion rings for a side dish. Better yet, start off the tailgate party with a whole mess of deep fried Buffalo Wings.

Then comes Thanksgiving. Everyone loves deep fried turkey. Besides having an outdoor propane deep fryer to tailgate with, you now have the propane stove and stock pot to deep fry turkey for Thanksgiving! That goes for home as well as the stadium parking lot. I know plenty of tailgaters that have an annual traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings and deep fried bird for that Thanksgiving Day game. I mean, why not? It is an American tradition. Why give it up just because you are at a football game?

Now if you are worried about hot frying oil and a rowdy tailgate party, maybe a less conventional deep fryer is more your speed. They still run on propane. They are still portable. An R & V Works Cajun Fryer was made with safety in mind. The oil is heated with super hot air that flows through self contained tubes. It will heat the oil to a temperature worthy of deep frying anything. The flame for the unit is typically at the back. Any oil spillage would occur in the front. Therefore no oil and flame should ever come in contact. These units have a rolling caddy for mobility, but the caddy also makes the unit more stable than a traditional turkey fryer. If a non-sober compadre should accidentally knock into the unit, it is less likely to take a tumble than a stock pot on a propane jet cooker. But, you know your crew better than anyone. You just need to keep a distance between propane tanks, deep fryers, grills, and the party crowd.

With a Cajun Fryer, clean up is relatively easy. They come with an oil drain valve. While everyone is eating. Let your fryer cool a bit. Then hook up an adapted piece of radiator hose to your drain valve and drain your warm oil into metal Gerry cans. The cans can be placed out of harms way while folks head into the game. The fryer unit can be rolled out of way also, allowing it to fully cool while you are in watching the game. When the game is over, your fryer will be ready to pack up and take home.

With either unit, a traditional turkey fryer or some other outdoor propane deep fryer, you can open up whole new menu options for your tailgate or anywhere. You can have a fish fry at church, wings at the fire house, or deep fried mushrooms at home. It is time to get out there and deep fry your tailgate!

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