Bad Business In The USA

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 @ 09:12 PM

People really do not understand what service is any m0re. Majority of the time they do not really even listen to what you are saying. If you are asking a legitimate question of someone…shouldn’t you get a proper response the first time? I guess I must be old school because that is certainly not how it works today. People that work in stores don’t even know how to give you money back from a cash register.

My company with a particular web server. They re constantly making changes. They have changed their IP address and contacted me telling me that I needed to change this information. I contacted someone directly at the company…she looked into it for me, said that I was fine, that nothing needed to be changed, it did not pertain to me. Well, guess what? My site is now down, because when I contacted them 2 weeks or more ago, apparently the girl, really wasn’t listening. Now, my deep fryer web site is down. It is holiday season, and the server company is closed through the New Year. Isn’t that just so pleasant??? All because when I tried to take care of the problem ahead of time… someone just wasn’t listening.

The service end of business in this country has gone to crap. Nobody cares. Everyone just wants money and to be lazy. I came from a different group of people. There actually used to be pride in this country. I think it’s time for me to move somewhere else!!!!

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