Deep Fryer Fun

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 @ 03:10 PM

Everyone always talks about safety and deep fryers, or health and deep fryers. Now one ever talks about how much fun it is to have a deep fryer. From the small counter top fryer to a turkey fryer or outdoor propane deep fryer, a world of fun can be had.

Besides that fact that EVERYTHING taste good deep fried, if you have ever purchased a fryer before, you know what I’m talking about. The first time you turn it on, or fire it up… you want to fry everything in the house! Breaded, non-breaded, salty stuff, sweet stuff, cookies, Twinkees, pickles, bacon. The list goes on and on. The novelty wears off eventually, until you fire the fryer up again and … well, the oil is still hot. What else do you have to fry? Let’s try some pierogies or batter dipped Oreos. It can be very addicting.

My first fryer was a counter top Masterbuilt. I bought it to deep fry turkey breast, just to see how I liked it. Little did I know that that particular unit can also steam and boil as well as deep fry. Now, not only was I frying everything, I wanted to steam corn & make Low Country Boil. I made a New England Clam Bake right on my counter top.

I have since upgraded to an outdoor propane turkey fryer. These units not only deep fry turkeys and whatever else you have in mind, but you can steam, boil, and stew in them. And they run on propane, so you can take them anyplace that you would take a propane grill. Camping, the beach, meetings, church socials and tailgating are all up for the challenge. You can deep fry wings for the game or go winter camping and make beef stew. Take it to the beach. Have a lobster & clam bake with corn & potatoes included. You have a whole meal all in on pot.

We all like to eat. Food should be tasty & fun. Why should cooking food be boring or a chore? Spice up your life. Deep fry some fun!

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