Making Deep Fried Foods As Healthy As Possible

Thursday, October 7, 2010 @ 01:10 PM

The deep frying of foods can tend to scare anyone who is trying to live healthy.  Just because you decide to eat healthy you don’t need to give up great taste. You can cook everything on the grill or in the oven. Grilling your favorite “healthy” foods, like marinated boneless skinless chicken breast, can be flavorful with the right preparation, but it just doesn’t compete with the crispness and  flavor that comes from a piece of chicken from a  deep fryer.  With these tips you can enjoy the great crispy taste and quickness of cooking that deep frying presents and not have totally sacrifice your health.

  1. Make sure your oil is between 350 and 375 degrees before you put food into it. The most important variable that makes fried foods not healthy, is the temperature of the oil. Cooler temperatures allow absorption which ends up in you consuming grease along with your food. If the oil is at a high enough temperature, a layer of steam will surround your food and will not allow the oil to be absorbed.
  2. Be sure your deep fryer is not too small for the amount of food that you are preparing.  Whether you have a stove top deep fryer, a counter top deep fryer, or an outdoor propane deep fryer, if you will be serving a large group your deep fryer should be sized so that the temperature won’t drop below 350 degrees during the cooking times. This will create over absorption of oil. Make sure your oil comes back up to temperature between batches as well.
  3. Don’t put all of  the food in your fryer at once.  When the food is over crowded, the oil can’t surround each individual piece.  You need the hot frying oil to completely surround the food to set up the steam barrier that prevents the oil from absorbing into your food. Again, you should make sure your oil comes back up to temperature before beginning a new batch.
  4. Make sure the food you’re frying is as uniform in size as possible.  You want the entire batch to be done about the same time.  If your food is too varied in size, you’ll have to leave the smaller items in longer, so that the larger items can finish cooking.  This increases the risk of  smaller pieces loosing that barrier of steam, therefore allowing the oil to saturate those pieces of food.
  5. Change  your fryer oil when need be. Oil is only good for a certain number of uses.  Unfortunately there is no rule of thumb here. If  you’ve ever allowed the oil to overheat you should change it. If you cooked fish and you are going to make donuts, you will want to change the oil.  If you notice a strong odor or deep discoloration it is probably time to replace it.
  6. Lastly, moderation. Just because you are starting up the deep fryer, this does not mean that you need to fry everything in the house. If you open a 5 lb. bag of french fries, you don’t have to cook the whole bag, and it certainly does not mean that you need to eat the whole bag yourself. Healthy eating  should involve the amount of food that you eat as well as what you eat.
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