Oven Grillers

Sunday, August 1, 2010 @ 10:08 AM

There are other oven grillers out there. I am not the only one that finds it way too hot to heat up the house with oven cooking in the summer. One of our blogger friends sent us some photos of last nights meal, prepared inside and the cooked outside on her propane grill. She set up a tuna casserole in a glass dish and did indirect grilling with it by placing it on the upper rack. Then she also prepared a deep dish pizza in cast iron cookware, and put that on the lower rack. This can be done camping and for tailgates as well. Why not set up a Tailgater Brunch the night before the game & set it on the grill as soon as you get to the parking lot, while everyone is setting up? Actually the blogger that sent the photos was without an oven for a couple pf months & got quite adept at oven grilling. So necessity is the mother of invention or imagination. Be creative. Get out there & cook!

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