Tailgating with a Charcoal Grill or An Outdoor Deep Fryer

Saturday, March 20, 2010 @ 09:03 AM

Tailgating is an art.It can be low key, it can be fancy and over the top.But simple or fancy we are all looking for anything to make this art run as smoothly & easily as possible. From an easy disposable charcoal grill to a portableĀ  outdoor deep fryer,a blanket on the ground or a fold up table,whether you’re a race fan, college team fan, or pro team fan…or if you’re just looking for a nice day at the beach or a picnic in the park…it’s all tailgating.So pop the tailgate on the back of your truck and lets get cooking!

Some important things to remember about tailgating is having the right stuff you need to make your life easier.Of course you don’t always need everything but if you can get yourself a big plastic bin and fill it with some of these items you’ll be ready to roll at a moments notice.Just always remember to replenish.

Grill tools

Meat Thermometer

Sharp Knife & Serving Spoons

Plastic utensils to eat with

Aluminum foil & baggies

Salt,Pepper,Your Favorite Seasonings & Rubs

Trash Bags

Paper Towels(Cloth towels & wash cloths)

Stuff to eat off of…Paper or Plastic Plates,Bowls,Whatever

A jug of water is nice to have to clean your hands with.(Soap is good too.)Foil pans are handy for all sorts of things:cooking,storing,serving & leftovers.Whatever your cooking apparatus, it never hurts to have extra fuel…propane, charcoal,wood chips.A fire extinguisher is a great thing to bring along & a squirt bottle for small flare ups.Cutting boards are good,but paper plates make nice clean cutting surfaces.Condiments,olive oil,non-stick cooking spray,onions & garlic are necessity. A table to cut up stuff on and set the food on when its done is always a nice option.A fold up chair or two is great to have too…when your taking a break from cooking or after the game when your waiting for the parking lot to clear out a little.Extra beer is always plus…it’s a great bartering tool if you forgot something at home.ALWAYS make sure you have a good cooler & PLENTY of ice!Lastly…NEVER leave your grill or fryer unattended…besides the obvious safety reasons…your food can get ruined in a heartbeat!So have fun,enjoy yourself & eat hearty!

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22 Responses to “Tailgating with a Charcoal Grill or An Outdoor Deep Fryer”

  1. TopDog says:

    Looks good for tailgating

  2. wigelnyatt says:

    These fryers are the safer way to deep fry. Excellent for tailgating!

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  4. wigelnyatt says:

    When the weather is good enough to cook outdoors, every day is a great news day.

  5. […] Tailgating with a Charcoal Grill or An Outdoor Deep Fryer | The Deep Fryer Depot Info […]

  6. wigelnyatt says:

    Sure you can cook a turkey breast with your counter top deep fryer….it does all depend on the size of your fryer though. That was the thought process behind my very first deep fryer purchase. I wanted to get one that was big enough to fry a small turkey or a turkey breast. I always did all of my deep frying on the stove top. I would never consider doing a turkey or turkey breast on the stove top. I bought a 22 qt. electric, counter top fryer. You can fit up to a 14 lb. turkey in it. Besides, you can steam & boil with this unit as well. All the things that you can do with an outdoor turkey fryer.

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  16. wigelnyatt says:

    This is true. I’ve seen all types of furniture at tailgate parties, including a lazy boy & a couch.

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