Using an Oil Free Turkey Fryer vs Traditional Propane Turkey Fryer

Monday, July 26, 2010 @ 04:07 PM

An electric oil free turkey fryer cooks extra large turkeys of up to 18lbs. But, does it really fry the turkey? It more technically roasts the bird, unlike a conventional turkey fryer. The roasting basket allows you to cook a wide variety of foods from corn on the cob to whole turkey and chickens. This is great for the health conscious & those that have cholesterol on their minds.

These units do also have a  wood chip tray and lid included, so you can use these units for BBQ smoking. They have a  double walled construction & thermostat temperature control. Tempered glass lid. Cooking basket with drain clip. No propane is needed. It is an electric unit with 1650 wattage. Removable drip pan for easy cleaning.

It is not really a fryer though. You can’t make french fries in it. It works with high radiant heat, making it able to roast a turkey in less time than a conventional oven. Makes a  turkey that’s crisp on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. You can roast or smoke anything you want in there. But as I said, not really a deep fryer. If you are looking for that traditional deep fried turkey, then oil free is not what you are looking for. Go with the conventional propane turkey fryer or a safer fryer, like a Cajun fryer or Bayou fryer. If you want that deep fried crispiness that everyone raves over, then oil is the way to go.

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