Cleaning and Maintenance of your Grill

Thursday, June 24, 2010 @ 07:06 AM

While you are doing your annual cleaning of your Brinkmann grill, especially if it has been sitting idol for a while, you should clean your burner tubes and ports.

If you are doing your annual cleaning, your tank will already be off, the regulator assembly removed, the cooking grates,  heat diffusers & grease tray will already be out.

You want remove any screws or clips from the burners. Lift them up and away from the gas valve orifice. Run a stiff brush, like a bottle brush, and\or use an air hose inside the burner tubes, a few times to remove any debris. Use a fiber pad or nylon brush to clean the outside of the burner tubes. Get off all food particles and dirt. If you notice any clogged ports, use a paper clip to unclog them. Inspect the tubes for cracks and holes. If you notice any damage, you should replace those tubes.

When replacing the burner tubes, whether just cleaned or new, check to ensure the gas valve orifice is inside the burner tube before using your propane grill. If the burner tube does not fit over the orifice, it could cause a fire.

You should inspect your grill at least twice a year, but remember that spiders & small insects are very active in the late summer and early fall. They like to nest inside of burner tubes and disrupt the gas flow. You may want to check out your grill at least one a month in this time period. I’ve seen many people just throw out a perfectly good grill because of this. They think that the grill is not working so they just go out and get a new one. With proper care and maintenance, your grill should last a while. Get out there and start cooking!

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