Considering purchasing a deep fryer?

Sunday, June 20, 2010 @ 08:06 AM

When planning to purchase deep fryer cooking  equipment for your kitchen, or  patio there are some important factors you should consider before you actually go online or to an  appliance store to  purchase it.

Some deep fryers can be really big and can take significant amount of space in your kitchen. Some fryer sizes are often as large as  a microwave oven. So it is very important to consider the size of the specific fryer you will buy and the space in your kitchen where you intend to place it. I have a larger counter top deep fryer that I have to cool off, drain, clean, and put away every time I use it. I have very little counter space so I have to put my fryer back in the closet after every use. To conserve on counter space you can purchase a smaller deep fryer, like a  Presto Fry Daddy, that you can actually store the oil right in, but then you are limited on the size of items that you can cook. I purchased my Masterbuilt counter top deep fryer with the intention of being able to fry a small turkey indoors. I wanted to try it out before deciding on making the larger purchase of an outdoor patio propane deep fryer. Besides, my fryer is very versatile. I can steam and boil in  it as well.

Now if you’re considering an outdoor patio propane deep fryer, there are many styles and sizes to choose from as well. There are some smaller units. Table top would be a good term here. These units would be great for small gatherings, camping and tailgating. Some, called turkey fryers, are an outdoor patio stove, with a separate stock pot and basket that you  fill with oil and heat on the patio stove. Some people are scared of this type of fryer, due to the open flame & oil. Flare ups are common if proper care & safety are not taken. The turkey fryer is very versatile, in that you can steam & boil with these outdoor cookers as well. That opens the door for lots of outdoor cooking opportunities! There are “safer” fryers, that the flame is contained and runs through a tube in the oil. There are many items that can be cooked in these units. Some are even large enough to deep fry a turkey.

So, when planning to purchase a deep fryer, think about the types of food that you would like to cook. Think about where you’d like to do this cooking. At home, in the kitchen, outside? Do you want to take it tailgating or camping? How many people are you  looking to feed? Do you just want to feed the family, or have a fish fry for the church congregation? There are many things to consider, but with the proper research, anyone can make the proper deep fryer purchase to suit their needs.

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