Presto Deep Fryers

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 @ 09:06 AM

National Presto, the makers of Presto deep fryers, is recognized as a leader in the electric housewares industry. This is due to its long history of innovation which has created major new categories of products.

The company was founded in 1905 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. They manufactured industrial-size pressure canners for commercial canneries. At that time National Presto, then called Northwestern Steel and Iron Works, was a major producer of fifty gallon capacity pressure canners. The company also began production of thirty-gallon canners for hotel use and soon thereafter developed ten-gallon models suitable for home canning. In 1915 the company installed an aluminum foundry for the specific purpose of manufacturing large-size pressure canners for home use. In 1917, The USDA determined that pressure canning was the only safe method of canning low-acid foods without risking food poisoning. At this point all commercial canneries were forced to equip themselves with facilities for the pressure canning of their products. This was a great leap forward for Northwestern as they became one of the leading manufacturers in the industry worldwide. The company’s products were marketed under the trade name “National,” and the company name was changed to “National Pressure Cooker Company” to more closely identify with it’s famous brand.

With it’s vast experience in manufacturing pressure canners and to more adequately meet the needs of the consumer, in 1939 the company introduced the first saucepan-style pressure cooker and gave it the trade name “Presto.”The Presto® brand soon became synonymous with pressure cooking and in 1953 the company officially changed it’s name to “National Presto Industries, Inc.”

At this point in time they were beginning to manufacture many electric houseware products, like irons, electric fryer pans, griddles, and electric coffee makers.

In the 1970’s, after the invention of the PrestoBurger® hamburger cooker, National Presto  introduced  a new concept in deep fryers. The FryBaby® electric deep fryer was an electric counter top deep fryer. Prior to this, many people used large heavy duty cast iron deep fryers on their stove top.The FryBaby used just two cups of oil to quickly and easily make two servings of food. It automatically maintained an ideal frying temperature, and a snap-on lid allowed the oil to be stored right in the unit. Introduced in 1976, the FryBaby deep fryer was an immediate success and led to the introduction of the family size FryDaddy® deep fryer in 1977, and the larger GranPappy® deep fryer in 1978.

National Presto Industries, Inc has had a consistent program of product innovation. With the objective of quality manufacturing and aggressive marketing,  National Presto Industries has been a leader in housewares for over 100 years, and it will continue to be in the years ahead.

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  15. Presto is a decent pressure cooker. I’ve owned one for three years and have used it for canning and cooking. It performs well

  16. Digna Wela says:

    I recommend Presto pressure cookers to all my friends. I use it all the time in the kitchen for cooking and canning purposes. It is a great cooker 🙂

  17. wigelnyatt says:

    They make great fryers too.

  18. wigelnyatt says:

    I have a presto pressure canner as well. I’ve been canning foods from my garden for years. Presto makes a great product including deep fryers.

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