Love and food

Monday, June 14, 2010 @ 08:06 AM

If you don’t love others you can’t cook. People who have no love to share eat poorly, and they don’t cook. If you love cooking, you will cook, at whatever level. People who like to be around a table, who like to share—they’ll try to cook, even if it’s only an egg. I would much prefer to eat an egg with friends than caviar with strangers.
-Chef Philippe Legendre

Now one of the reasons I put this little ditty is because it is true. I did stop at Rutt’s Hut today. And, yes folks, they’re in it for the money, but , they love their customers, regulars & out of town tourists. Not only do they deep fry hot dogs, they have many things on the menu, fried, not deep fried, and breakfast too. They love their local firemen and participate in local functions as well. As I said before, putting a hot dog in a deep fryer is something I thought very strange. It works. The ripper is just deep fried until the skin rips. The Cremator is deep fried until it’s a dead dog. The Ripper was great but The Cremator was awesome!!!! So was their relish…a pickle, mustard combo that had a sweetness to it that just made the dog better! If you’re ever in Northern Jersey, make Rutt’s Hut a definate stop on your list!

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