Different Methods of Grilling; Smoking

Monday, June 7, 2010 @ 08:06 AM

Finally! We come to my favorite form of grilling. Smoking!

Smoking food dates back to days of no refrigeration. It was a great way to preserve food. Brining and smoking meat would give it a much greater shelf life.

Most enthusiasts think that smoking food is what true barbecue is all about. The rest is just grilling. But smoking food is a method of indirect grilling.

Smoking adds flavor, tenderizes, and can make a really tough cut of meat, melt in your mouth like butter.

A traditional way to cook this way is is to use a bbq pit, smoker box or bbq smoker. Not everyone has one of these units. Seeing as we are talking about methods of “grilling”‘ we are only going to discuss smoking with a charcoal grill or gas grill for the time being. Now that we know what smoking is about, we will go on to discuss the differences of charcoal & gas grills when it comes to bbq smoking. We will also touch on different ways to achieve the smoke that is so needed to cook this way; types of wood, chunks to chips, and smoker bags and cans.

The smoking continues tomorrow.

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