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Friday, May 28, 2010 @ 08:05 AM

BBQ smokers are considered by enthusiasts to be what barbecue is all about. Although grilling and bbq have long been thought of as the same thing, real classic bbq refers to slow cooked meat. Low temperatures, slow cooking, and smoke allow flavor to develop in a natural, delicious way. Cooking at lower temperatures allows the meat to become tender while preserving its natural juices.The result is the most tender and juicy meat every time. Pork shoulders cooked for 12 hours at low heat melt in your mouth! A dark and smokey beef brisket cooked in a bbq smoker that’ll make you crave it everytime you bbq. Ribs that just fall off the bone! The long cooking period allows for several different, simple cooking techniques to be used to create fabulous flavor while offering the cook time to enjoy life with family and friends.

Which type of smoker is the best to use you may ask – gas, electric or charcoal?

The electric smoker is made to be the most convenient and easiest to use smoker; however, the electric smoker has limited adjustability in regards to cooking temperature. The gas smoker is convenient and portable, but a gas tank is required for use. The gas smoker offers a greater range in cooking temperatures. The charcoal smoker has an adjustable temperature range and charcoal chips or nuggets are required to operate.

There are many different options to choose from, ranging in all different sizes & prices. There are even Brinkmann smokers &  Masterbuilt smokers  that not only smoke food, but you can fry, grill, steam, & boil with the same unit…just not all at the same time.

For the best smoking results, use fruit or non-producing trees. Some places use corn cobs as well.( I’ve had some excellent cob smoked bacon!)

Wood chunks are more effective for great tasting smoked foods because the chunks last longer and smolder slower than wood chips.

Curing your smoker before the first use will remove any machine oils, paints or odors in a new smoker. Long term, curing the smoker will minimize any rust damage.

Depending on the size or your smoker, you can cook two different meats at the same time on the two levels of your smoker. The tastes and odors of the two different meats will remain independent for the most part.

Internal temperature meat should be before it is considered safe to eat?

* Turkey – 180°F

* Pork – 160°F

* Chicken – 180°F

* Beef – 145°F

Estimate cooking time by the formula of 45 minutes to an hour per one pound of meat at an average cooking temperature of 250°.

Just remember…patience is key here. Smoking foods can take anywhere from 1-2 hours up to 20 hours. It is well worth the wait!

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