Smoker Bags on your Brinkmann Grill

Saturday, April 24, 2010 @ 08:04 AM

Easily get that that smokey flavor you love right on your Brinkmann grill ,in your oven,or right on a campfire.The unique Smoker Bag offers the easiest way to smoke fish,seafood,poultry,pork,beef,lamb,and vegetables or fruit right on your grill,in the oven,or on your campfire anytime of the year.The secret is the patented 3 ply design of the aluminum foil bag.There is a separate bottom layer that contains alder,hickory,or mesquite wood chips.That separate layer keeps the smoke in the bag and a delicious subtle smoky flavor to your food.The Smoker Bag keeps your food moist,making it easy for even a novice to make a delicious smoked meal,and clean up is as easy as can be.A whole meal in one bag. You can cook a salmon fillet with asparagus,bells peppers & sliced onion to smokey perfection in half an hour.Just put your grate to the lowest possible position on the grill & pre-heat. Pat your food dry…season for taste. For best results allow the food to come to room temperature for at least 30 mins. before cooking.Fill the smoker bag with food(2\3 full for best results.)Close the smoker bag by folding the opening at least 1\2″ twice & then folding in the corners.Place the bag on the hot grill so that the “this side down” side is down.For a gas grill place right on the grate.Cook on hot for the first 10-15  mins. then lower to medium heat.Use a meat thermometer to test for doneness.Veggies 15 mins on high and another 10 til done. Fish 15 mins on high approx 15 mins. til done. Most meats 15 mins on high 30-45-60 mins until done.Again use your meat thermometer to check for doneness.Boneless chicken 170 degrees, turkey & chicken bone in 180 degrees,pork 170 degrees,beef 145 degrees for medium rare,lamb 160 degrees for medium. For best results remove skin from poultry,and cook fish with skin side down.To brown meat,cut a small hole in the top of the bag 10 mins before the end of cooking time.This process allows for the moisture to release and for the food to brown.Take the bag off the grill using oven mitts.Let food rest in the unopened bag for 5-10 mins. before opening.Cut open the bag with a knife or scissor(Careful…the steam from the bag will be hot!)Peel the foil back to the sides. Serve and enjoy!

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