Cast Iron Skillet Catfish Fry

Saturday, April 17, 2010 @ 11:04 AM

1 2lb can vegetable shortening

8-12 fresh or thawed catfish steaks of fillets

salt & pepper to taste

1 pint buttermilk

1\2 large box of cornbread mix

1\2 medium onion,grated

1 to 2 eggs

4 to 6 large potatoes

In a large cast iron skillet heat the shortening.Season the fish to taste.Dredge fish in buttermilk and then the cornbread mix.Place fish in hot fat & fry until golden brown on the bottom,flip and fry until the other side is also golden.Remove from skillet and keep warm in oven on low heat.

Using the remaining cornbread mix and buttermilk,make a batter,add the grated onion and egg.Mold hush puppies and fry in the hot fat in the same manner as the fish. Season and place in the warm oven with the fish.

Peel and cut the potatoes into fries.Fry in the hot fat. Remove when crisp, season with salt & serve with the fish & hush puppies.

Note:The hush puppies and potatoes will take on the flavor of the fish. You can strain and save the fat, but you will only want to use it for fish fry.

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    Great. Feel free to add any tidbits of info that you may have formulated from your own success.

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