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Saturday, October 22, 2011 @ 06:10 AM

I would like to talk more about  indoor counter top fryers for deep frying turkey.

Masterbulit and Butterball have teamed up together to create some awesome indoor electric turkey fryers.  They state them to be the best performing, most convenient, electric turkey fryers that are indoor safe.

One counter top unit will allow you to cook up to a 14 pound turkey. The other, The Digital Electric Turkey Fryer XL can deep fry up to a 20 pound bird. Both units  using one third less frying oil than conventional turkey fryers, making them more cost effective as well.  You can use 2 gallons of oil in these fryers, where you need 3-5 gallons of oil for an outdoor propane deep fryer.

A tap drain has been added to help make clean up quicker and easier. Many counter top fryers do not come with a drain valve. This makes it more convenient to filter and store your cooled frying oil, so that you can use it again. Also a money saver.

These electric fryers come with a somewhat turkey shaped aluminum cooking basket with a handy drain clip and a double hooked lift handle.

A folding stainless steel lid that has a window so that you can peek inside is easily removable for dish washer cleaning. Snaps right back on when your done.

There is a double porcelain coated inner pot.

The Masterbuilt Butterball Turkey Fryers don’t just fry turkey either. They are versatile enough to fry  a variety of your favorite foods like doughnuts, French fries, onion rings, Buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, and more. And that’s not all! You can boil and steam with these counter top appliances too.

Both units have a  user-friendly control panel that consists of a digital timer, a red “power” light, a green “ready” light, and a simple control knob for adjusting the thermostat up to 375 degrees F.

The companies have come up with the ideal storage compartment. You have no idea how many people tell me that when they get their units back out after not using them for a while, they seem to have lost the cord. Masterbuilt has made a built in storage compartment right on these units to store that cord, so that you never loose it again. (The rest is up to you…you still have to remember to put the break away cord in there, after the unit has cooled!) This is also the place to store the spigot for your drain valve. (You want to make sure that your valve is in the OFF position before removing the safety cap. When done draining your cooled oil or water turn the valve back to OFF and replace the safety cap.)

Butterball & Masterbuilt have really taken some time and thought into putting this style of counter top deep fryer together. They have put safety, efficiency and economic value into the equation. If there were ever two companies that could put together a better turkey fryer, I can’t think of any better. If an indoor electric turkey fryer is the way that you decide to go, this is a definite area that you should research further.

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