Still Talkin’ Turkey

Friday, October 21, 2011 @ 12:10 PM

So as I said there are many different kinds of items on the market for turkey frying time.

Let’s start with the indoor counter top electric deep fryer.

Counter top deep fryers that are of a size to deep fry turkey, are usually quite versatile. Just like a traditional outdoor propane turkey fryer, you can do more than just deep fry. You can typically boil and steam with these units as well.

A turkey of about 12 to 14 pounds can be deep fried in some of the larger counter top units.

Unlike an outdoor turkey fryer, there are more safety features with counter top fryers. Most of them have a temperature gauge with a light to let you know when your optimum temperature has been reached. Usually if the appliance overheats it will automatically shut off. And all counter top fryers come equipped with a breakaway safety cord.

It is not recommended to use an indoor electric deep fryer outdoors, but if you prefer not to deep fry in the house, use the fryer in a garage or on a covered porch. Indoor units do not like to be exposed to rain. They also need to be on a sturdy, level surface.

The use of extension cords is not recommended either, due to possible entanglement in the cord which would cause safety hazards. It could also cause the unit to not perform properly.

On the down side, an outdoor propane deep fryer will heat to optimum temperature quicker than the indoor electric fryer. A propane unit with a jet cooker can heat your stock pot of frying oil to temp. in about 20 minutes. A counter top unit can take up to 55 minutes.

Another con of counter top fryers that are large enough to fry a turkey, they do take up counter space. Unless your kitchen is huge this is not an appliance that you can store on your counter all the time. Once the unit and oil are cooled, you need to strain the oil, clean the pot and put the unit away.

As with all deep fryers, indoor or outdoor, electric or propane, NEVER leave your fryer unattended! Take proper safety precautions. Read the manufacturer’s instruction booklet. Wear suitable clothing and proper pot holders.

It never hurts to have an all purpose fire extinguisher on hand, baking soda, and/or a bucket of sand. Remember water and oil do not mix.

Tomorrow we will expand upon counter top deep fryers by delving into the awesome new world that Masterbuilt and Butterball have made together, by creating a new and innovative way to deep fry turkeys using less oil.

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