Cajun Fryer Tailgate

Monday, September 12, 2011 @ 12:09 PM

Fall is in the air. It’s time for tailgating again. Time to pump up that tailgate menu of yours.Why not add a deep fryer to your tailgate gear?

Scared of taking a deep fryer to your next tailgate party? There are plenty of safer fryers out there that are worthy of the stadium parking lot.

A perfect example is The Cajun Fryer by R & V works. These fryers are portable outdoor propane deep fryers. They are made safer by their design & construction. Metal tubes inside these fryers contain the flames, but still get the oil perfectly hot enough to fry whatever you like. Any spillage that may occur would happen in the front of the fryer, well away from any exposed flame. Therefore, no oil should ever touch the flames. And, as I said, they are portable. Wheels with a rolling caddy. The Cajun Fryers can actually be removed from the caddy for easier transport, storage, and for table tailgating. They can also be made with special trailer mounts should you decide that you want to permanently attach your fryer to a tailgating trailer.

Cajun fryers come in many different sizes too. From a 2 1\2 gallon for smaller tailgates, perfect for wings for your group, all the way up to a 17 gallon size. The 17 gallon size, or FF6, is technically 2- 8 1\2 gallon fryers put together. 6 baskets, 3 for each side. If you have a larger tailgate going on you are able to use the whole unit. If you have a smaller crowd or away game that not everyone could make, just fire up one side. There are plenty of other sizes in between.

If you are worried about hot oil being left in your fryer while you are in the stadium, no worries. After the oil cools a little, you just need a radiator hose and an appropriate hose end. Attach it to the drain valve & store the oil in  cleaned, metal Gerry Cans. The metal will still be hot, but you will be able to store it out of harms way while you and your friends enjoy the game.

Traditional turkey fryers are great too.  Turkey fryers are very versatile. The big stock pot allows you not only to deep fry in them, you can also steam, boil, stew, etc. Steam up a bunch of corn on the cob while you are cooking steaks on the grill. Make chili or sausage and peppers for the big game. Steam up some lobster before the Race to The Chase. The options are endless. Deep fry a turkey for the pre-game party. Great for those Thanksgiving Day games!

This holds true for All-In-One cookers too. Not only can you deep fryer, steam, boil, and stew, these units are also a bbq smoker & grill. Everything you need to change up your tailgating menu throughout the season!

So, why not take a Cajun deep fryer tailgating? Your team playing against Buffalo? Make Buffalo wings. Eat the competition before the game even starts!! Deep fry some mozzarella sticks for that Cheese Head game. Fry up some catfish for A Ragin’ Cajun game. Eagles fans…make up a mess of Philly Cheese steaks. Your menu can be as imaginative as you are. Get out there and start cooking!

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