In Rememberance

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 @ 10:09 AM

I am reflecting today. It is coming up on the 10th year since that dreadful day that all Americans will never forget.

I refuse to call it an anniversary. An anniversary is a happy and blessed occasion.This day was far from that!

I was living about 60 miles outside of Manhattan at the time on the south shore of Long Island. I’m still not sure if it hit home harder for all of us in the tri-state area than the rest of the country. Many of us were directly involved or knew someone personally that was.

Ten years later and we still are experiencing aftermath. Many of the men and women that were there that day or that worked the many weeks afterward, searching and clearing are now sick. They have developed incurable and fatal diseases.

Life certainly changed for many people that day.

This is just a remembrance in honor of those that were lost that day and in honor of the many heroes that stepped up, putting the lives of others ahead of their own. We will never forget!

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