Emergency Preparedness…Revisited

Friday, August 26, 2011 @ 09:08 AM

As Irene approaches the North Carolina coast, I have to revisit the importance of emergency preparedness. I happen to be in the very coastal region of eastern North Carolina. We are as prepared as we think we can be at this point, but one never knows.

The regions of eastern Pennsylvania and Long Island are in the path of Irene as well. They have been totally saturated with rain recently. That means that if Irene is still packing a significant punch when it arrives, trees are going to fall. That will mean lots of power outages.

I know that the folks on Long Island are scrambling for D cell batteries right now. No one seems to be able to find them. Now if you already had an emergency preparedness kit, odds are you won’t be out searching for batteries and will be focusing on more important things like having a full gas tank, etc. If you have an emergency kit, make sure everything is up to snuff. Revamping your kit say every 6 months or every time you change batteries in your smoke detectors is a great idea. That way you are always sure to have working batteries for the flash light or lanterns that you have in the kit.

Get yourself some good outdoor cooking equipment if you have none. Like a Volcano Collapsible Grill, Brinkmann grill, or other outdoor propane or charcoal grill. That way if you loose power for a few days you will still be able to feed your family.

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