Loss of Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer Kits

Saturday, July 2, 2011 @ 09:07 AM

As of July 1, 2011, Barbour International, ie.: Bayou Classic has decided to discontinue the turkey fryer kit.

A turkey fryer kit is everything that you need to deep fry turkey. A stock pot with a lid, an outdoor propane cooker or patio stove, the hose and regulator, a poultry rack and lifter, a thermometer, and seasoning injector are typically included. Some of the more deluxe models would include other perforated baskets and pans for smaller deep frying adventures, like a Friday night fish fry, or a large perforated steam/boil basket for Low Country Boils.

Turkey fryers are versatile in that you can, steam, boil, stew, and deep fry in them. These kits are ideal outdoor cooking equipment for tailgaters. You can change up your menu for every game and not just be grilling all the time. You can make chili one week, or just steam corn on the cob the next week while you grill steaks for your tailgating crew.

Some units are made of aluminum, some stainless steel. This part is all preference. Stainless usually cleans up easier than aluminum but the aluminum turkey fryer stock pots tend to be less expensive. If you are just starting out in the turkey frying fad, aluminum may be the way to go for you. After you gain some more experience, maybe you want to upgrade to a stainless steel model.

Luckily, Barbour International is still carrying all the items that were in all of the turkey fryer kits. The items must all be purchased separately now. This is good in one sense, as not everyone wanted everything that came in some of the kits. On the down side, purchasing all of the original items as compared to everything in one box as one kit, is considerably more expensive. I see this as being a bad move for business, especially in the economic times we are experiencing right now. People are looking for a great value with a great price tag. People are still going to fry turkeys, they just may be looking elsewhere for a better deal.

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