Father’s Day Deep Fryers

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 @ 11:06 AM

Father’s Day is a time to honor Dad. A time to say thanks for all the days he went to work to keep a roof over your head and food in your belly. For the times that he helped you fix your car. For helping you learn how to ride a bike. For teaching you how to fish or hunt. There are dad’s from all walks of life, white collar, blue collar, etc. Every dad is different and most dads help their kids out with something at least once in their lives. To give them thanks is a great honor.

Not all dads are the tie type. Dads don’t all wear cologne. Some would fancy a new tool for the tool box, but chances are, they already have that tool or something similar anyway. Some like new DVD’s and CD’s.

Lots of dads like to cook outside. It has come down through history since the cave man cooked over an open fire. Many of your dads may have a grill, some may even have a BBQ smoker. Probably only about 1 out of 10 dads have an outdoor propane deep fryer to go along with there outdoor cooking appliances. That may really be more like 1 out of 20. Lots of folks still have a fear of the traditional turkey fryer and the exposed flame and boiling hot oil. But you have to remember that a traditional turkey fryer will also steam, stew, and boil. Your pop can make a huge pot of chili for himself and his friends for Superbowl Sunday in that same turkey fryer. If he likes seafood he can have a summer cookout and have everyone over for a New England style clam bake, or even a Low Country Boil. The units are portable as well. He can take a deep fryer tailgating and cook up a mess of Philly Cheese steak for the guys at the stadium.

Leaps and bounds have been made over the past 2 decades regarding outdoor propane fryers. You don’t have to go with the conventional turkey fryer anymore. There are “safer” fryers out there. Typically, they are just fryers, they don’t steam and boil. But, they are safer in that any possible oil spillage would not come in contact with open flames. The flames are contained in a tube. The tube runs through the hot oil and heats it hot enough to deep fry whatever you can think of. Some of the units are even large enough to deep fry turkey.

So, forget the tie or cologne. Your Pop doesn’t want a new tool. He wants an outdoor propane deep fryer for Father’s Day. He wants to invite his friends over and deep fry some wings for them while they wait for the brisket to finish smoking. He wants to impress his friends by deep frying turkey for Thanksgiving. It is certainly a different option as far as Father’s Day gifts go, but your dad wants more outdoor cooking equipment. Just a grill, can get boring. Add some spice to your father’s life and get him a deep fryer!

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