Time To Dust Off Your Turkey Fryer

Wednesday, May 4, 2011 @ 05:05 PM

It’s that time of year! It is time to Dust off your Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer. “But, it’s springtime?”‘ you say. Yes, it is. It is time to start cooking outdoors again. Time to get your outdoor cooking gear up and running.

It has been a long, cold, snowy winter in our neck of the woods. I use my grill year round when possible, but this year we had some down time. Probably from New Years to March, my grill and  R & V Works Cajun Fryer were idle.  Too much snow this year.

Well, it is coming up on Memorial Day. A traditional time to start the barbecue. (I have already started grilling again, as I was missing fire grilled meat.) For those of us in coastal areas, this is a perfect time to start cooking fish again too. I know that many people were already out there using their outdoor propane deep fryers during the Lenten season. Fish doesn’t always have to be deep fried. Now is a great time to get out your turkey fryer and have a nice Low Country Boil. Have a surf and turf. Get a few lobsters and clams to steam in the stock pot while you are grilling the steak on your smoker grill. Make a big pot full of Manhattan style clam chowder to have as an appetizer for your holiday barbecue. Or just use your turkey fryer to steam corn on the cob for everyone.

Turkey fryers are versatile. You need not just use it for deep frying turkey. Though deep frying a turkey breast to eat with your other barbecue fair is a nice option too.

For those of you that tailgate during the summer, the turkey fryer is a great addition to your tailgating gear. You can make Philly Cheese Steaks at the baseball stadium. Have a New England style Clam Bake at the NASCAR race in Loudon or just for a day at the beach. For those of you without a blender you could probably even mix up a huge batch of margaritas in the stock pot while tailgating at a Jimmy Buffett concert.

There is no need to pack your turkey fryer away just because it is not Thanksgiving. Get it out. Use it! That huge family barbecue that you are planning is a perfect time to use it. Even if you are just going to cook corn in it. Don’t let it collect dust in the garage. Turkey fryers are not just for holidays anymore. Get that fryer out and make it pay itself off and then some.

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