Emergency Preparedness…Revisited

Friday, April 29, 2011 @ 04:04 PM

If anything, the events of the past few days or even months should be a warning sign to us all. You can’t be prepared for everything! You can only hope to be prepared in case of an emergency. Just having a place to hide underground, or in flooded areas, a place well above the water line is a blessing in itself.

Being prepared for an emergency, whether you have the time to grab stuff, is very important. In case of quick emergency, like a tornado, having a go bag can be critical. A small satchel with a change of clothes, a flashlight and fresh batteries, a first aid kit, a couple of water bottles and maybe some canned food and a hand crank can opener. There are lots of other things to think of, but if you have to dash quickly, hopefully you will have the bag close at hand to grab and go. If you live in an area that is known for tornadoes, hopefully you have an underground safe place. If so, that place should already have some emergency items already stashed and freshened every so often. Like checking the batteries the same time you change out your batteries in your home’s smoke detectors every year.

As far as other things go, for after a storm passes, there may be power outages and no running water for days. If you are a camper, odds are that you may already be somewhat prepared. (If you are lucky enough to not loose everything in the storm’s devastation). You probably have outdoor cooking gear, a hand can opener, tents, propane or charcoal, etc. If you have truly camped out of doors then you will probably be able to take care of yourself.

Not everyone is a camper. For those of you that have never camped out, YOU really need to get prepared. Emergency preparedness is nothing to shake a stick at. If you have a grill, always make sure that you have extra charcoal or propane. If you have a BBQ smoker grill, odds are it is fueled with wood or charcoal, so have extra wood or charcoal. If you don’t have a grill, get yourself something. A little Coleman table top grill with a little propane bottle even. Try to always have some water jugs full. Have a hand crank can opener. Have some canned food in the house. Get a flash light or candles. Make sure you have batteries and matches. Always have a first aid kit somewhere. A battery operated radio or even a hand crank one is not necessary, but can be helpful. Always keep your cell phone charged. A day or two supply of prescription medication.

There are many other things that can be thrown in a emergency bag. Look it up on the web. Find a Boy Scout. Get prepared. You can’t be prepared for everything, but even being a little prepared is a step forward.

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