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Wednesday, April 27, 2011 @ 06:04 AM

I still find it fascinating, the ingenious ways that people tailgate. Some folks are just quiet and simple. A hibachi or card table with a table top grill, some burgers and a cooler out of a car trunk. Some people have taken a typical truck and made extensions and slide out rigs on the truck to go a little more extreme. I’ve seen people with trailers and motor homes. They bring full sized refrigerators, BBQ smokers, outdoor propane deep fryers and outdoor fire pits.

Then, the real hardcore fans. Not that the other folks are any less of fans. Maybe the phrase I am looking for is hardcore tailgater. These are folks that buy old ambulances, buses and fire trucks. They trick them out, add video and sound equipment that is better than in their own houses, and then paint everything to match their favorite team’s colors. Either that or they just make tricked out towable trailers that come equipped with everything from TV’s and beer taps to grills and deep fryers attached.

Some tailgate clubs have multi-talented people that can pull these rigs off. Other people need to rely on some of the companies out there that can put a rig together for them. A few of these companies are Freedom Grill, Freedom Trailers and  Imagi-Motive.

Freedom Grill on the lesser end of the extreme. They have grilling systems that attach into your vehicle via the tow hitch, so that they are outside of the truck for travel. That way you can store more stuff in the vehicle, chairs, coolers, friends. Then the uint swings away from your vehicle while you are cooking. They also have alternate hitch packages so that you can tow your boat or trailer and still have your Freedom Grill on the back of your truck. They also have tow-behind units that are have a nice big grilling area and some units even have storage compartments. These units are great for tailgating with large groups, or even for catering.

Freedom Trailers goes a bit more extreme. They are a company out of Willacoochee, Ga. They manufacture trailers. Not travel trailers that you would take to the campground, but more like hauler trailers that can be tricked out, tailgater style if that is your wish. A\C, TV, storage and counter tops, a couch, and all painted in your team colors.

Imagi-Motive out of Magnolia, TX. is way more extreme. They cater to smaller groups with Tailgate Party Box. The Party Box has the adaptability to allow consumers to bring “high media” to their tailgate without the need for a truck or any other vehicle. It was designed to fit in the back of an SUV, but is also able to sit on top of a table for those that don’t tailgate out of a vehicle. It has everything you need to throw a great party including flat screen TV, satellite system, surround sound system with DVD player and more. All of this is contained in a small, easy to operate box that sits inside the rear of your SUV or truck.

Imagi-Motive have also  stepped out of the tailgating trailer box and designed something that is more practical and customizable than your standard box trailer. This new innovation in tailgating technology allows for more accessible storage, 360 degree usability, and more options than your standard box trailer. There are many features that can be added, including  TVs, surround sound, satellite, grills, smokers, keg taps and cooling, running water and they will even throw in the kitchen sink. They encourage you to sit down and speak with them first about your own tailgating style and what your wants and needs are before the trailer plan is even designed.

These are the folks to take a bus, or old fire truck to and have it customized for your tailgating needs. If you are not a custom car builder or lack basic carpentry skills, they can do the job for you. They can take a travel trailer and re-work the unit so that it meets your tailgating needs. Whether you are tailgating once a week with your favorite college football team or traveling the race circuit doing 3-5 day tailgates, Imagi-Motive can do the job!

So there are lots of products out there. If you tailgate often, there are many ways to make your life a little easier. If you only tailgate occasionally then a table top grill and a cooler is fine. But if you are an extreme tailgater, are in a tailgating group, or thinking about starting one, get out there and check some of these fine folks out. Love to tailgate, just make it more convenient and easier to enjoy the party and the game.


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