Drag Racing Tailgaters

Friday, April 15, 2011 @ 07:04 AM

Drag racing tailgaters still always amaze me. They are always extreme to the max. As far as racing tailgates go, to me drag racing enthusiasts take the prize. I have seen everything from small Habachis to big propane grills that look like engines. Table top stoves to big trailer pulled BBQ smokers. Outdoor propane deep fryers and turkey fryers. I have even seen the Queen of Philly Cheese Steaks show  up with a stock pot and outdoor propane patio cooker and make cheese steak for 150 people. I have even seen grilling competitions set up while the drag racing was going on.

Usually when at a great race venue, there are regular style camping spots to set up at. Full hook ups, even cable connections. Even if you aren’t showing up with a trailer or motor home, there are ways to get through 3-5 days of tailgating quite easily. They have places to buy ice and propane, they also have carts that go through the venue selling bags of ice. Some venues will even send around honey carts to pump your tanks if need be.

I did see something different yesterday at the drag strip. I’m quite sure that it has been done before, but it is the first time I have actually seen it. I saw a tailgating group. They had a motor home and hook ups. But tailgating for 5 days with a big group? Motor home refrigerators are not really that big. Even when I’ve done the 5 day tailgate we always had to store extra food in coolers, or leave the area to go back to a store. Yesterday, I saw a man with a full sized refrigerator that he brought along to set up right in the middle of his tailgate. How awesome is that?! Now coolers can be for just beverages and all your food and leftovers can be put in the outside fridge.

People come up with great ideas to make tailgating easier all the time. I just find the human brain fascinating!

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