Deep Fried Cookies

Thursday, April 14, 2011 @ 07:04 AM

There have been all sorts of new and different concoctions becoming popular in the deep fryer world. Deep fried cookies and deep fried cookie dough are two things that have come to light that not every one thinks about when they think deep fried food.

You can pretty much deep fry anything. Hot dogs, Twinkies, Snicker Bars, etc. At the Texas State Fair, a gentleman has created a deep fried eatery that fries everything under the sun. Cookie dough being one of them. He takes a blob of raw cookie dough, dips it in batter, and then into the deep fryer it goes.

Recently I have seen a baked cookie confection that I think would work out just as well deep fried. You start with a chocolate sandwich cookie like an Oreo, and surround the sandwich cookie with chocolate chip cookie dough. Then you bake it. I don’t see why you couldn’t take a fudge wrapped Oreo, wrap it in the cookie dough, dip it in batter and then deep fry it. I know of a local pizzeria that actually wraps fudge coated Oreos in pizza dough. They deep fry them and then put powdered sugar on them. Why not just add chocolate chip cookie dough to the mix.

Well, I think I’ve got my sweet tooth peaked. Time to go find something sweet to eat.

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