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Monday, April 11, 2011 @ 04:04 PM

I am going on a long race weekend. Tailgating is usually required in one form or another on a long race weekend.

If you are lucky enough to have a trailer or motor home, you are in like flint. Many race venues have an area for campers to set up, usually right on the venue grounds too. Some even with hook ups. This is a great way to go. You can tailgate to the extreme this way. BBQ smokers, grills, outdoor propane deep fryers, nothing is left to be desired when refrigeration is involved.

When you are working with tents, trucks, and coolers, this can get a bit more complicated, as coolers for 3 to 5 days worth of food can take up a lot of space. Besides having to fit your outdoor cooking gear in as well. Big race venues will typically have ice to purchase on the grounds somewhere throughout the weekend. Some places even have areas to refill propane tanks. I always suggest bringing multiple propane tanks anyway. If you don’t have to leave the grounds in search of LP gas or other fuel, then don’t. Traffic on race weekends is bad enough. Once you’re already in, it’s great if you can stay right where you’re at. If you don’t have to leave in search of food and beverages, that it a plus as well.

Even if you’re flying in to a race venue far away, getting a hotel, and renting a car, odds are you folks will be tailgating too. Getting into a track and getting to a parking spot is a chore all on it’s own. You’ll want to bring some water at least and possibly something to nosh on. Even leaving a parking lot could take HOURS. Hopefully your hotel is close enough that bringing a whole picnic lunch or dinner is not required. Make sure you’ve got something to nibble on just in case.

Let’s go racin’ boys!!!

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