May Be Moving Our Base Of Operations

Tuesday, April 5, 2011 @ 02:04 PM

It is getting time to get back off of Long Island. Yes it is a beautiful place to live, but very expensive.

I mean for starters, it is not like I live in the deep frying capitol of the world. Obviously a deep fried fish area, but we also have shellfish and crustaceans in plenty. We steam, broil, BBQ, and bake our fish here too. Some people even eat it raw. There is a restaurant in Brooklyn, which is still part of Long Island, but really considered part of New York City. They will deep fry anything you want there, from meat or pickles, to candy bars and Twinkies.

I have opportunity to go further north into New England, because you know they deep fry everything in the land of Sugar Maples. Just Kidding! Aside from being able to use a turkey fryer to cook down your sap into syrup, not much frying going on except at festivals and restaurants. Not every New Englander just happens to have an outdoor propane deep fryer to have a Friday night fish fry every week.

I do think that the cholesterol and health issues of eating fried foods all the time may have something to do with it. Not that people in deep fryer regions don’t care about such things. I think that people in other areas are just not so up tight as other areas. When you only have summer weather 2 to 3 months out of the year, it can make you a little bit grumpy. People in the south, where deep frying is more prevalent, are just more laid back.

I also have an opportunity to move southward, near the coast of  North Carolina. Still plenty of fish to go around. Lots of deep frying, from sweet potatoes and fish, to apples and french fries. Also the land of barbecue. They are big on pig in North Carolina. Pork ribs and pulled pork are a favorite of the whole state.

Well, whatever we decide to do, and wherever we decide to go, I am sure that we will bring our regional favorites with us to share, and we will learn some new ways of cooking too.

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