Lent and The Friday Night Fish Fry

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 @ 05:02 PM

Lent season is upon us. A great time to visit or have a Friday Night Fish Fry.

It does not have to be Lent to have a fish fry. But many Roman Catholics (and a few other Christian factions) strive toward the regulation of the no meat policy on Fridays during the Lent season. Let’s face it, you can only eat so much pizza. Many places have them year round. Lots of pubs and taverns serve up a fish fry every Friday regardless of religious background. Some places offer it year round and on a daily basis.

The biggest regions that have a Friday Night Fish Fry tend to be the South Eastern United States, The Northeast and the Mid West. Wisconsin and Upstate New York are big on the Friday Night Fish Fry. Living so close to the Great Lakes has definitely influenced the menu. The Great Lakes Fish Boil is also a great social and party function in these regions. But, not every one likes the boil. Almost everyone loves deep fried food. A typical Fish Fry will come with coleslaw and french fries too.

In the South, things like hushpuppies have been added to the mix. Hushpuppies are deep fried, seasoned corn meal balls. If you’ve never had a hushpuppy, it is time to try one of these delectable ditties out. There are many versions, some actually even have corn in them.

You can have your own Friday Night Fish Fry right at home. All you need is a counter top deep fryer, or for a larger fish fry, an outdoor propane deep fryer. You can bread, corn flour, or beer batter the fish before you deep fry it and then deep fry some french fries and hushpuppies.

The type of fish is your preference. Local fresh fish tends to be what any region uses. Lake fish in the lakes region, or catfish in the south.  Where I live, near the Atlantic Ocean, most fish used for a Friday Night Fry is flounder. Go to your local fish market and see what is fresh and available. Many places on the West Coast now, have fried fish, but they like to make tacos with them. I have not had the opportunity to sample a fish taco yet, but they seem to be spreading from the west eastward. They are becoming quite popular nationwide.

Whatever you decide to do…go out or eat in…whatever your religious upbringing…remember that fish is brain food anyway. We can all use some more smarts in the world.

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