The International Dutch Oven Society

Monday, February 21, 2011 @ 05:02 PM

If you are new to cast iron cooking or using a Dutch oven, or even if you have been using cast iron cookware for a long time, a great place to find information about the subject is at The International Dutch Oven Society or IDOS. You do not have to become a member in order to glean some very helpful information, but more info is available to you as a member.

The site offers recipes, information on the care of cast iron cookware, there is a forum page, and a list of upcoming events. The site also contains a list of chapters that may be in your area should you be interested in joining a local group. And there are chapters all over the United States. There are classes on the art of outdoor cast iron cooking that can be joined. They supply a link page for different companies that carry all different kinds of cast iron from skillets to Dutch ovens and many different kinds of cookware in between. There is also an events page that you may find upcoming cook offs and competitions.

I found the site to be very helpful. It is nice to have a place to chat with folks that have this similar interest in common. I have had many questions answered by other members quickly and the information is usually helpful and to the point.

Again if you are new to the wonderful world of cast iron cooking this is a great place to dive right in. If you are an accomplished Dutch oven cooker, maybe you can add some information that may help someone else out in the future. You can find the International Dutch Oven Society at

The versatility of cast iron cookware is nothing to shake a stick at. It is durable and can last for generations when properly cared for. You can use them indoors, for baking in the oven or for deep frying on your stove top. You can use them outdoors on the grill or they can be used over an open fire and right in the coals. Get into the art of cast iron cooking. People have been cooking in cast iron for centuries. If you have not had the opportunity, get out there and give it a whirl. And if you need advice, check out IDOS. They can help point you in the right direction.

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