Filtering Oil From Your Deep Fryer

Friday, April 2, 2010 @ 08:04 AM

Cooking oil from your deep fryer can be reused.Filtering & recycling used oil will save you time and money.Most frying oils can be recycled.Don’t save from the fish fry though unless you intend to fry more fish.The oil usually takes on flavors from whatever you cook.Fish is a very strong flavor.Fishy french fries are not that great.

There are a few methods for filtering oil.Allowing the oil to cool completely is a must! You don’t want to burn yourself & you don’t want to melt any potential plastic storage containers or shatter glass.This usually allows for most food particles to settle to the bottom anyway.I like to use the containers that the oil came in…especially if you are using a larger fryer.I have used a standard kitchen funnel.Some particles get through,but many are caught in the wider portion of the funnel.You can put a coffee filter in the funnel.This works great, but takes some time and patience due to the small funnel opening.

You can also put a coffee filter directly over the opening of your used oil container.Slide a rubber band around the opening to secure the coffee filter.Make sure the filter is not too tight across the top.Keep the filter loose in the middle so that it hangs down into your container. Slowly pour the oil through the filter.If the oil begins to accumulate, allow the filter to empty completely before adding more oil.If necessary,use a spoon to remove excess food particles to speed up the oil flow.When you’re done,carefully remove the rubber band & keep one hand on the filter to prevent it from falling in your freshly strained oil.Remove & discard the filter & debris.Wipe the mouth of your container & seal tightly with the lid. Store oil in a cool place,away from stove,flames,etc.

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