The All American Race

Sunday, February 20, 2011 @ 12:02 PM

Welcome to the Daytona 500. The beginning of racing season. There is a short lull through winter but we come out on the other side with the beginning of stock car and drag racing season. Well, racing never truly stops everywhere, but as far as nationally televised races, for those of us still under a blanket of white, this means that spring is almost here. While football tailgaters are packing their gear away til the fall, race fans are just starting to get their gear out. Unless of course you do both and your gear is in constant use year round.

February is a busy month in the world of motor sports. People begin testing new set ups and configurations, possibly even new teams. The term Speed Week in the stock car racing world…is really and truly not a week at all. It is more like a month. Some people do just do the week, and some just for the 500. There are fans that do actually go all out and tailgate through the whole month in Daytona, Florida. That is quite an achievement. A month long tailgate. Can you imagine? You would definitely have to have tailgated a few times, before taking on a month long tailgate. I’m sure that for this scenario, an RV is a must! Having a propane source would be a must as well. Not having ever been at the venue, I am sure that it was properly thought out with fans in mind as well as teams and drivers. Dump stations and places to get ice and propane are probably there all the time.

Racing tailgating is just as hardcore as football tailgating, except that is usually encompasses 2-5 days worth of tailgating. People are not just going to local venues. Some people come from very far away, driving, even flying in. Renting motor homes or driving their own. That is 2-5 days of grilling, smoking, deep frying, cooking, eating and partying. Having enough propane to cook on your grill or using your outdoor propane deep fryer for 2-5 days would be nothing short of a miracle with only one tank. If you have never been to a race, try one out sometime. It doesn’t have to be a nationally televised event either. Go to a local track and see some of your local drivers. Men and women that might someday be racing at those big national events. You can tailgate at the smaller events as well. I’ve seen many a charcoal grill and hibachi at the smaller venues.

Have fun watching The Great American Race today. For those of us that can’t be at the race in person, we can enjoy the race on regular television. We don’t have to have a special digital or satellite package. We can have parties to rival any Superbowl party with commercials that can only rival those of Superbowl Sunday. Gentlemen…Start your engines!!!

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