Maple Syrup Time Again

Saturday, February 12, 2011 @ 06:02 PM

It has certainly been a strange winter. I cannot remember one with such strange weather patterns in all of my years on this wonderful planet of ours. With the recent freezings and thawings, and warm sunny days upon us, it is time to start thinking about tapping those Sugar Maples. (You may also tap your Red and Black Maples for “sweet water”, a term the Native Americans used for the sap that was collected for it’s high sugar content.) February and March are the perfect time to start collecting.

You may want to If you have done this before, but are not a major syrup producer, just doing it for fun at home, a thought to keep in mind is using your turkey fryer for cooking down your sap to make syrup. A turkey fryer is an ideal cooking apparatus for syrup making. The amount of sap that you need to cook down to make a small amount of syrup, is way too much to start on your stove top. A large stock pot with an outdoor propane cooker, possibly cooking equipment that you already own, is easier to use than having to purchase or manufacture a fancy evaporator.

If you have never taken on this interesting process, this may be a fun and fascinating project to do with your Boy Scout den or Girl Scout troop (with adult supervision of course). This is a tradition that has been done for centuries. History, involved with a project that ends in sweet goodness. You can finish the project with a pancake breakfast, served with your own Maple syrup.

For a little more information on this subject, you may want to revisit our previous post: Another Use For Your Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer: Maple Syrup.

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