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Friday, February 4, 2011 @ 06:02 PM

It is common to find that only about 20 percent of the United States population deep fries food on a normal basis. This does not include the commercial end, nor the occasional french fries while having dinner out, or fried dough or funnel cakes at the fair. I’m talking about people that own a counter top deep fryer, or cast iron stove top deep fryer that deep fry foods on a normal basis. Even half the people that own turkey fryers only use their turkey fryer at Thanksgiving or other holidays. I would have to say that of that 20 percent, at least 15 percent are located in the more southern regions of our country. I tend to think that the northern folks boil, steam, and stew their foods more often than frying. I don’t know if that is because of colder climates and ancestral histories and traditions, but that is my take on the matter.

The other 80 percent of America, I’m thinking are more health conscious. The fear of high cholesterol has put a damper on the deep frying world. But here again, if you deep fry the foods properly, there should not be a lot of oil absorption. If your temperatures are right,  you bring your temperatures back up between batches of food, and don’t over crowd the food, a proper moisture barrier will be made, keeping food moisture in and the oil out. Anything in moderation is ok as well. If you eat deep fried foods every day you probably aren’t worrying about your cholesterol anyway.

Having a deep fryer of your own can be fun and add to your menu options though. You don’t need a large outdoor propane deep fryer, but having one of those to tailgate with or  just to add to your outdoor cooking equipment is a nice option. An outdoor turkey fryer will not only deep fry, you can steam, boil, stew and simmer with them too. They are a great addition to any tailgater’s gear or for the back yard entertainer. Make chili outdoors for your big Superbowl party. Have a Low Country Boil at the end of the summer. Have the gang over for steamed lobster, corn, and clams on the 4th of July. If you have a turkey fryer, utilize it!

The point is, for those of us that choose to deep fry, we love it, and do it to add flavor and excitement to our lives. I don’t deep fry every day, but I like having the option of changing up my menu once in a while. I love to cook, and love to feed people. It makes me happy, and the people I feed usually go away happy too.

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