Old and New Technology in the Kitchen

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 @ 07:01 PM

I love my old cast iron cookware. I use it all the time.I have a 100 year old Griswold skillet that I use all the time. It is just as good today, as the day that I found it in a thrift store in Seattle, Wa. I have now added more skillets, a Dutch oven, assorted griddles, a cast iron wok. I love the stuff. Cast iron was one of the greatest inventions that man kind ever came up with.

I do love the new school technology that I have around the house. Some of you might not consider some of this stuff new school, but compared to some of the old time cookware and equipment that I have in my kitchen, it is definitely new technology.

Getting an indoor counter top deep fryer was quite a time saver. Having a unit that has a heat gauge and a heat regulator are great.  I used to deep fry everything on the stove top. I know that you can’t walk away from a counter top deep fryer either, but you don’t have to stand right on top of it, like a stove top deep fryer.

My food processor is a God-send to someone like me. I have been working with my hands all of my life. Coming home after working all day and cutting and chopping has wreaked havoc on my carpal tunnel syndrome. I have a hand mixer…I know…old school, but for someone that used to do everything by hand…this stuff is great.

I now have an immersion blender. What fun that little kitchen gadget is! No more pouring stuff into my standard blender. Then pouring it back.

My next big thing will be a counter top mixer. First I need to move so that I have a counter big enough for a counter mixer.

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