Using an Outdoor Deep Fat Fryer For Commercial Applications

Saturday, January 22, 2011 @ 06:01 PM

For those of you that have been thinking of starting a food business, whether a food truck, catering business, restaurant, or just setting up at the local festivals and fairs, and outdoor propane deep fryer is for you. Even if you have one of these businesses already, a deep fat fryer can be very handy for your business.

If you have a seasonal restaurant or outdoor patio dining in warmer weather, deep frying foods outside for your patrons can be very helpful. The food will be available quicker for your customer’s eating pleasure.

A catering business gets much more business in the summer months. People having outdoor weddings and family functions can enjoy fresh deep fried chicken or fish. Not everything has to be just grilled or warmed in a chaffing dish. Depending on the type of outdoor deep fryer that you have, you can even add Low Country Boil or New England Clam Bake to your summer catering menu. If your outdoor catering is centered more on grilled items, then you can use your stock pot and propane cooker to steam corn on the cob or boil potatoes.

The thought of owning a food truck and starting your own business is a great prospect. Especially for people that may have lost a job in the past few years and have been struggling with unemployment or dead end jobs. The west coast is booming right now with the food truck business. Everything from zeppoles to wings, gourmet burgers to fine French cuisine. Food trucks are not just for ice cream and the basic lunch crowd anymore.

But you may not be ready to purchase a truck yet. Maybe you want to start out smaller and get a feel for the food industry. Start out with a basic turkey fryer kit. Learn to use it, cook with it, get to know it’s nuances. Then set up at the church bazaar. Go to a local car show. Set up at a small local fair. We all know how big a part of street fairs and festivals that deep fried food plays. Once you get used to the art of deep frying or steaming and stewing with your fryer kit, then you can upgrade. Either upgrade your fryer to a larger commercial grade fryer, or stick with what you have and go to a larger festival and see how you do. Once you get used to all the ins and outs of the commercial food business, eventually you can get a truck or larger fryer and expand your business. The point is to start smaller and learn the trade. You don’t want to jump in head first and loose your life’s savings by purchasing top of the line equipment and slowly finding things out the hard way.

So, if you are considering a new career in the food industry or expanding the food business you already have, an outdoor deep fryer is an investment worth making.

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