Snow Ready

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 @ 08:01 PM

So, we are as prepared as we can be, getting ready for 2 converging snow storms. At least we will not be having blizzard force winds to accompany the snow like just after Christmas.

Gas tank on 4 X 4 is full, propane tank is full, cell phone charged, food and beverages handy. Bag of rock salt & snow shovel right by the door. Full tank on the snow blower and extra gas in the gas can. Batteries, flashlights and candles at the ready. Firewood stack outside the door.

So if we need to use the Brinkmann grill, or deep fry, or use the BBQ smoker due to power outages, we are good to go. May need to did a path to get to the outdoor cooking equipment, but we are good to go!

Good luck to you all. Happy winter!

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