Prime Rib For New Year’s Eve

Friday, December 31, 2010 @ 03:12 PM

I will be cooking a prime rib for New Year’s Eve on my grill. After Thanksgiving and grilled turkey, we had a fresh ham done on the grill for Christmas and a deep fried turkey. I felt it was time for some beef on the menu so I decided to do prime rib on the grill for New Year’s Eve.

What is a grill anyway besides an oven with an open fire. It still works out with great results…sometimes even better because you can add some smokey flavor to the mix when you are cooking outside. If I had a traditional BBQ smoker, you know where the hunk of meat would be right now. Seeing as I don’t, I will have to settle for my Brinkmann grill.

I found some great tips from my friend, Meathead, at He seems to be an aficionado on all things meat, especially meat cooked outside. He has great rub info, and technique info that can help you get started. But as with anything, you always want to make it your own. I took his advice with “a grain of salt” and went bravely forward into the grill.

Whatever you are doing for New Year’s and\or whatever you are cooking, we at The Deep Fryer Depot would like to wish everyone a happy, safe, healthy, and prosperous 2011.


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