Holiday Limbo

Monday, December 27, 2010 @ 05:12 PM

I am temporarily in holiday limbo. It is between Christmas but before New Years and there is still work in between.

It is very hard to get back into the work groove, given the extreme nature of work, before the Christmas holidays. Now comes the after thought gifts, but still not as fast paced and hardcore. After New Years everything will slow to the normal pace if not an all out dull crawl as our economy is still not back to the norm, as the economists and many national reporters would like us to believe.

In the mean time I will just ready myself for the New Years Eve holiday-palooza. We are doing nothing fancy, and are just having dinner for some folks before they go on their merry way to other late night New Years functions. I am OK with that. I don’t need all the hulabaloo anymore. I’ve been from Guy Lombardo to Dick Clark and have even brought the New Year in sleeping like a baby. It’s funny when you get older how certain ideas and values change.

Anyway, I will be cooking a prime rib, on my Brinkmann grill this year for New Year’s Eve. We will be eating some fine nosh food, then moving on to some beautiful grilled beef, and hopefully, kicking everyone out so that we can have a nice quite ringing in of the New Year together.

A safe, happy and prosperous New Year to everyone!!!!!

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