Who Doesn’t Need More Time?

Friday, December 10, 2010 @ 09:12 PM

In this fast paced world, with both parents working, but maybe both parents not sharing the work load…what Mom doesn’t need more time? I don’t want to be unfair to any of the Dad’s out there that share the work load…and I don’t mean just mowing the grass once a week and washing the car. Being a parent is a job in itself, but working, taking care of kids, doing housework, cooking, cleaning, dishes, homework, managing the bills…has typically been laid on Mom’s shoulders while Dad works had, but comes home to relax from his hard day at work & Mom’s second job is just starting.

I myself, my kids older now, but going to college and both with jobs, am working 8 hours. I run a business from home on the side, take care of my partially handicapped significant other, and I just started some online college courses. What was I thinking??? I didn’t have time for myself before…I really have no time now. I cook, clean, do the bills, laundry, etc all on top of the other 12 hours a day that I need for my job, business, school, etc. Who doesn’t need some extra time?

Any thing to save time is a God send. A counter top deep fryer or counter top slow cooker is just what the doctor ordered. With a little prep while the oil is heating, you can have dinner deep fried in half the time it would take to roast something in the oven. Or, better yet, some prep early morning before work with a slow cooker, and viola! Dinner is already ready when you get home. Just need to ladle it into bowls or serve onto plates and you are good to go.

A little work, yet awesome meals, in half the time. Just what every Mom needs!

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