Gearing up for Turkey Day

Sunday, November 21, 2010 @ 05:11 PM

The big day is getting closer. So many people like myself, have decided to yet again, take on the responsibility of continuing our family’s and our nation’s holiday meal traditions for Thanksgiving Day. I, like so many others, have a job. So getting ready to feed 10 people and have my meal be a success, I have already had to start prepping for the big day.

My Aunt, has an enclosed, unheated porch. A great place to put, pre-made holiday pies, and keep them out of harms way before dessert time. I, unfortunately, do not have one of those. I do have an old refrigerator that gets plugged in at holiday time. I have already baked 2 apple pies and placed them in the fridge. Tomorrow I plan to make a cranberry, corn bread, sausage stuffing. That will get placed in that old fridge as well. All the cranberry sauces, pickles, and olives are getting pre-chilled as we speak.

I have still not decided on whether I will be deep frying my bird in a turkey fryer, or roasting it on my grill. I went yesterday and filled my extra propane tank, just in case. Don’t want to run out. That would definitely put a damper on a perfect Thanksgiving meal.

I do still have 2 pies to make. If all goes well with the corn bread stuffing, one of those pies may get done tomorrow. All of the corn bread got made today. So there is a good chance that a nice simple pumpkin pie may get put in my oven after work & after dinner and dishes tomorrow night. Let us hope that work is not too overly demanding this week.

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