Back to the Fair…Swap Meet Food

Monday, November 8, 2010 @ 07:11 PM

I had the opportunity to go to a huge automotive swap meet this past weekend. There was of course, many other things besides car stuff. I, of course,  focused on the food.

I came across an old cast iron stove top deep fryer.  The cast iron itself could have been re-seasoned, but the basket was beyond repair. The pot was fashioned with a piece that let the basket sit to drain the hot oil.

This was a weekend long event. Many of the vendors came in and stayed for the weekend. Here was a whole new faction of tailgating that I had not seen before. It was more or less just like a race weekend…but, there was no race. Kind of like camping, but as far as I am concerned…there was major tailgating going on. Grills, BBQ smokers, traditional and homemade were all on hand. Tents, trailers, and people just sleeping in cars and trucks. Kids, dogs, food, campfires, and lots of beer. Like I said…it was just like a race weekend. It was even located on the track of a speedway…just no racing.

The speedway had all of their own traditional food; burgers, hot dogs, sausage and peppers, and fried onions. They did bring in some other food vendors for the weekend though. Hot chocolate, cinnamon apple buns, hot apple cider were just some of the things available. My favorite part of the whole weekend was a food vendor from Vermont. They sold sandwiches out of their trailer. Sliced roast beef, turkey or pork. The most awesome part was the two tiered rotisserie BBQ pit that they had right in the window for the public to view. The meat was slow cooked, sliced thin and AWESOME! Some au jus on the side for dipping would have made it perfect, but it was still quite grand.

Over all it was a great weekend. Something different than what could have just been another boring Saturday and Sunday. Variety is the spice of life!

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