Bayou Classic Turkey Fryers

Sunday, November 7, 2010 @ 06:11 AM

Bayou Classic turkey fryer kits are typically a 30-32 qt stockpot and an outdoor propane patio stove or cooker. They are ideal for frying a turkey, but can be used for many other things.

The tall narrow stockpots allow for the use of less frying oil. Most people try to use peanut oil, but that can be a pricey prospect. Using less oil is a great feature. The turkey itself displaces the cooking oil upward as it is lowered into the pot, therefore covering the bird completely. It is still always best to start by placing your bird in the stockpot and cover it with water by an inch or two. Remove your poultry and mark the water line. This is now your oil fill line. There is less chance of overflow or wasted oil when placing your turkey slowly into the pot. Make sure you dry the pot and the bird completely before adding oil.

All of the Bayou Classic turkey fryer kits come with a perforated poultry rack with a grab hook. The poultry rack provides a method to safely insert and remove the turkey from the pot. (You should still wear protective gloves and take care when raising or lowering your turkey. Go slow. The bird will cook faster than in an oven anyway, so you’ve already cut down on the time. Patience is a virtue and you will be rewarded with crispy, but juicy goodness!)

As I said, the poultry rack has a perforated base plate. The perforation aides in a circular flow of the cooking oil for a more even temperature throughout the pot. It is also elevated from the pot bottom, which also aides in oil circulation, but keeps the poultry from touching the bottom of the pot and prevents burning.

The kits all come with a seasoning injector. You don’t have to inject your turkey, but many folks like to add marinade or seasoning to their bird. Injecting keeps the seasoning inside, unlike a rub that can fall off in the cooking process. If you do decide to inject seasoning, just make sure you put a little bit of marinade in each hole. You don’t want big pockets of hot marinade. You want it evenly distributed.

All of the kits also come with a 12″ thermometer. It is always important to monitor your temperatures. You want to make sure the oil is hot enough for the bird to go in. Once in, to bring the temp. back up to where it needs to be and then maintained. You want crispy and juicy, not greasy and oily. Your turkey will just absorb oil if it is not at a high enough temperature.

Even though the kits are outdoor propane deep fryers, they still have many other uses. They are not just for Thanksgiving, only to be packed away in the garage until next year. You can steam, boil, and stew in them. Some of the kits actually come with a perforated steam/boil basket just for this purpose. You can go to a beach picnic and have a New England Clam Bake without ever having to dig a pit and build a fire. You can take it to a winter Boy Scout jamboree and make beef stew. Better yet, you can take it tailgating and have Philly Cheese Steak or chili for the whole gang. You can even cook down your own maple syrup, right in your back yard. But, even if you do decide to just deep fry turkey and only use the kit for the holidays, that is your preference. Always remember the cooker in the back of your mind though. You never know when you might be able to make other uses for it.

So, whether backyard entertaining, roughing it at a winter camp; whether you’re tailgating before the big game or a race; whether picnicking at the park or the beach, a Bayou Classic turkey fryer kit is not just for Thanksgiving anymore.

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