How do you like your turkey?

Saturday, November 6, 2010 @ 06:11 AM

Being almost Thanksgiving…the day of the turkey, I’d like to pose a question.

How do you like your turkey?

Do you like it deep fried? Do you like it smoked in a BBQ smoker? Do you like it roasted to perfection?

This year for Thanksgiving I am going to deep fry a turkey breast in a turkey fryer, but I am also going to roast a bird in the oven.(I like leftovers. There are not usually leftovers when it comes to deep fried turkey. That’s why I’m making both).

I love turkey. I love it deep fried. I love it roasted. I love leftover turkey, lettuce, and Swiss cheese sandwiches.

My favorite way to eat smoked turkey, is thin deli sliced, and made into a simple sandwich. I also like to chop up deli sliced smoked turkey and make omelettes with it.

My favorite turkey meal though, is thought strange by many people. I grew up eating this and have since taught my kids to eat it too. It is a family tradition. A day or two after Thanksgiving, my grandfather would whip up a batch of fresh waffles. Yes waffles. For lunch or dinner. The turkey was heated in the leftover gravy. Side dishes were heated as well. Then we made hot open turkey sandwiches, not with toasted bread, but, yes, with the waffles. I have many people look at me strange when I tell them this. Most people eat waffles with syrup, sugar, or fruit. They think of waffles as a sweet breakfast meal. Technically, waffles are just a form of bread…flour, eggs, milk. They aren’t really sweet until you add the sweetener to them. They make a perfect piece of bread to mop up the gravy and turkey. All those nooks and crannies fill with turkey gravy goodness.

OK. I’m hungry now. I am anxiously anticipating Thanksgiving day and the leftovers that come with it. Better make sure that I have everything to make waffles with.

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