What is the best BBQ Smoker to use;electric,gas, or charcoal?

Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 08:03 AM

Which is better – gas, electric or charcoal?

The age old question still exists…which bbq smoker is best?They all have their high points,they all have low points.

The electric smoker is made to be the most convenient and easiest to use smoker; however, the electric smoker has limited adjustability in regards to cooking temperature and you need to have a power source. The gas smoker is convenient and portable, but a gas tank is required for use. The gas smoker offers a greater range in cooking temperatures too. The charcoal smoker has an adjustable temperature range and charcoal chips or nuggets are required to operate.Keep these things in mind when shopping for a bbq smoker unit.Think about who you’re cooking for,where you think you’ll be using the smoker most. Will  you be at home,near a constant power source,mostly cooking for your family?Will you mainly be tailgating with it,out in a parking lot,cooking for your friends?
Which ever way you choose to go remember that the whole process of smoking meat is controlled with just the right amount of smoke and heat and air flow. You want to keep the temperature of the food which you are smoking at the right temperature without all the ups and downs in temperature in your smoker unit.

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3 Responses to “What is the best BBQ Smoker to use;electric,gas, or charcoal?”

  1. wigelnyatt says:

    Send me some info…I am willing to hear you out on the subject. Thank you.

  2. Ed Peszynski says:

    Brilliant post! This could help a good deal of men and women find out about this matter. Do you need to incorporate video clips along with these? It would with no any doubt support out. Your motive was spot on and owing to you; I almost certainly will not need to detail each and every minor issue to my buddies. I can just direct them here.I cannot figure out learn how to subscribe towards comments by means of feedburner. I would like to retain on major of this, precisely how can I achieve that?

  3. J Smith says:

    I’ve always found the gas smoker to be the best, although I do like my electric one too. The gas has a higher upper temperature though which is useful, and I take it camping sometimes which I couldn’t do with the electric.

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