Caring for Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Cookware

Saturday, October 16, 2010 @ 08:10 AM

You can purchase pre-seasoned cast iron cookware, avoiding a necessary step in the longevity of your new cookware. You still need to properly care for it. Re-seasoning may need to be done over time, so knowing the process & knowing how to care for your cookware will make it last your lifetime, and maybe that of your child or grandchild.

After cooking in your pre-seasoned cookware, it can be cleaned by putting in hot water and bringing to a boil. Never use detergent to clean seasoned cookware, as it will remove the seasoning. Avoid putting hot cast iron into cold water. This can cause cast iron to warp or crack. After pouring out boiling water, wipe dry with a paper towel. If something sticks to the surface, dislodge it by simply using a spoon or spatula. Do not use any abrasive item to scrub cookware. Again, this can cut into the seasoned surface. While pan is still warm from washing, apply a fine coating of oil or spray on all surfaces.
If metallic taste or signs of rust are noticed, simply wash with hot, soapy water. Scour off the rust, and then re-season your cookware.
Store your cast iron cookware in a cool dry location. If storing with lid, place a paper towel between the lid and base to allow circulation of air. I personally still store mine with the lids separate.
Re-Seasoning: This is a simple process of oil absorbing into the pores of your cast iron cookware leaving a black, non-stick surface.
1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
2. Wash cast iron with hot, soapy water, and a stiff brush. Rinse and dry.
3. Completely coat inside and outside surfaces with vegetable oil or melted shortening (some people preferĀ  bacon fat).
4. Place cookware on middle rack for 30 minutes. Remove cookware and wipe it almost dry to prevent pooling of shortening or oil. Place back in oven for another 30 minutes. Let cool, if preferred, just shut oven off and let the cookware cool down with the oven.

Essential for any kitchen, cast iron cookware heats evenly, retainsĀ  heat, and is more versatile than any other type of cookware available. With cast iron you can use it as a stove top deep fryer, you can saute, grill, roast, stew, and bake. You can use it in the oven, on your stove top, in the grill, and even outdoor cooking over an open fire. What more could you ask for from your cookware? You take care of it, and it will take care of you.

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