Setting a Christmas Feast

Monday, April 5, 2010 @ 04:04 PM

In most respects, setting a Christmas feast is much like setting a Thanksgiving feast, and the two share a lot of common dishes.  To have a delicious Christmas spread set on your rustic dining room table, you will want to begin by selecting a main dish.  Turkey is by far the most common main course for Thanksgiving, but during Christmas, you might want to branch out from the traditional roasted bird. This holiday season I cooked mine in a turkey fryer, and there was a consensus that it was the best turkey we’ve ever had.  Side dishes for Christmas might include bean casserole, cranberry sauce, potatoes au gratin, bread and rolls, or salad.  For dessert, pumpkin pie is a favorite, but apple pie or even something more unique like rhubarb pie is also appropriate.

During Christmas, you might also consider a dessert tray of homemade or store bought cookies.  To drink, consider coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or eggnog to accompany an after dinner treat.  Also remember to prepare special dishes if you have vegans or vegetarians amongst your guests!

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